His Vision of A More Prosperous Baguio City

They searched for a good reliable leader in Baguio and they found you Sir. Good luck and God bless.

My Congressman !!! My Champ ! BMV PA RIN !

Good luck and God bless po " kitaen ti adda naggapuanan na" ituloy mo sir!

Legislation not only sole job of congressman – Vergara
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Baguio’s education, tourism sectors must develop together – Vergara
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Vergara, Domogan still lead in latest poll survey
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Powers Skate Boarding Organization
"We could not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." - F...

Let us join the rest of the world in celebrating EARTH HOUR 2016. Let us celebrate our commitment to...

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Bernie Vergara
Bernie Vergara updated the group photo in Bernie Vergara for Congressman 2016.May 18, 2016 at 9:38am
Bernie Vergara
Bernie VergaraMay 10, 2016 at 9:12am

Our people have spoken. In all humility, I fully accept their judgment, without regret. I call on everyone to now close ranks behind the greater goal of effecting the changes that our people have wanted. In the same spirit of unity and cooperation that have been our strength these many years, let us rally behind our chosen leaders and support what will serve the greatest good for Baguio. Sama-sama nating gawin ito ng tapat at seryoso!

Words of thanks will never be enough to express how grateful I am for all the steadfast support selflessly given throughout this campaign. To my family --- my better half Glo and my children and grandchildren --- I thank you very, very much for standing by my side with unwavering love, affection and fidelity. To friends of long-standing, I thank you for staying with me through thick and thin. To everyone who campaigned with me in all sincerity, sharing their time, talent and trust, I thank you so much. Kayong lahat ang pinag-hugutan ko ng lakas at inspirasyon. Salamat sa pag-unawa, pag-tanggap at pag-suporta.

To our rivals in this election, I offer my hand of sincere friendship and reconciliation. To each other, we may have uttered harsh, painful words. But I know that in your heart, these were just mere remarks that come from moments of thoughtless indiscretion. The rivalry is done. Let the friendship begin anew. Tayo ay naging magkaribal lamang ng panandalian, pero ang pagkakaibigan ay dapat pang-walang hanggan.

For me, this has been a good fight worth all the effort. But, judgment has been rendered and choices have been made. It is time to move on, for the sake of our beloved Baguio, for the betterment of our people, and for the bright future that we all strive to work for. That much has been my humble legacy for many years of hard, honest work as a public servant. That much we owe to our children and their children. Dahil ang eleksyon ay para sa kanila!

Thank you. Salamat ng marami. Diyos ti agngina kada kayo amin-amin!
Ysa De Vera
Ysa De VeraMay 8, 2016 at 11:51pm
Opponents waste their time to pull down BERNIE VERGARA and destroy his reputation to get votes. If you are intelligent enough, ignore all those black propaganda. Karma will backfire them. The Vergara camp are not like them. Instead of wasting time to create ways to destroy another, let's just pray for clean and fair elections. We are not like them. Trust in the Lord and he will give it to the person who deserves it. 🙏🏻
Israel Buenaobra
Israel BuenaobraMay 6, 2016 at 7:42pm

#IStandWithBernie dahil siya ay #SubokNa!
Bernie Vergara
Bernie VergaraApril 26, 2016 at 6:00am
Thank you very much to our supporters from Bakakeng Norte and Bakakeng Sur. God bless you and keep everyone well all the time.

...The greatest of them were the times I was allowed to be of service to the people of Baguio!